Building from 1492

Wooden Church in Krzemienica

Most of the current Podkarpackie was inhabited by Greek Catholic Ruthenians a century ago, who left many beautiful monuments here. Thus, comprehensive Roman Catholic religious complexes remain rare. The temple in Krzemienica was built in 1492 and was rebuilt and expanded after a fire in 1750. It is now a three-part church with a vestibule, a large main nave crowned with a slender turret, and a chancel with an adjoining sacristy. The building is oriented, and the main nave is divided so that there are three apparent aisles. The interior is richly decorated, with a breathtaking Rococo main altar, side altars, and pulpit. The interior has recently undergone conservation treatments, showcasing its full glory and splendour of the late Baroque.

Wooden stairs leading to the church
Wooden church among green trees
Wooden church in Krzemienica

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