Covering 4 hectares „Winnica Widokowa” situated on the hills of Kombornia.

Winnica Widokowa

Occupying an area of 4 hectares, "Winnica Widokowa" located on the hills of Kombornia, in the Krosno district, in the commune of Korczyna, is a special place for an unusual time. In 2019, this place was the winner of the International Wine Competition GALICJA VITIS, which undoubtedly speaks to the class of the wine produced there. When traveling in these areas, it is worth arranging an individual or group tasting, the highlight of which, of course, alongside exquisite wines, will be the beautiful views that can be observed from the top of the hill. The time to visit the vineyard is especially worth booking in the summer when evening meetings combined with tasting, touring, and live music take place there.

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