Forest chapel of St. Anthony

The chapel of St. Anthony of Padua in Kopanie Żołyńskie

The miraculous statue of St Anthony of Padua already had a shrine in the middle of the forest in the 19th century. People used to come to the Saint for help with various life issues and troubles. Unfortunately, the shrine burnt down in the 1950s and a reconstruction was erected at the forest crossroads. It is a simple building of light-coloured wood, with a gable roof and two columns supporting the eaves. The inner chamber is enclosed by a steel grille. The building fits in with its surroundings. In addition to the architecture, one can admire and reflect on the requests and thanks recorded in the votive book.

A wooden chapel in the middle of an autumn forest, located on a small paved square, surrounded by simple wooden benches, as well as candles and flowers, in the center a cyclist in a yellow sports outfit, a helmet, holding a bicycle

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