The pine tree under which the king rested

Sobieski Pine Natural Monument

Its trunk circumference of more than 4 m, numerous massive branches and its age make it a true natural monument. The overgrown pine looks more like a deciduous tree from a distance. Its age is judged not only by its size but also by a local legend. The legend has it that King Jan III Sobieski rested in the shade of this tree when he and his army were on a fast march towards Vienna, where he won one of the greatest victories of Polish cavalry. In 2016, one of the main branches broke off, but the tree is still growing; from 2013 to 2021, its circumference increased by 11 cm.

In the center a huge pine tree with spreading branches and a thick trunk, in the back an asphalt road and a single-family house, in the background trees and a blue, almost cloudless sky

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