The home of the miraculous figure of the Madonna

Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Families in Ropczyce

The miraculous statue of Our Lady and Child probably dates from the early 15th century. Just as small is the figurine, 75 cm tall, so is the church itself, which is its home. This small Baroque building, with a high facade and a chancel visibly narrower than the nave, is a typical example of a church built in the first half of the 18th century. The small balcony above the main door, covered and fenced with an elaborate railing, is interesting. Mainly ornamental polychromes richly decorate the entire walls and vault inside the temple. The main and side altars are in the characteristic blue-gold colour scheme, matching the overall decor.

The richly decorated altar of the sanctuary - in the central part, a small statue of the Virgin Mary with the Child, surrounded by gold decorations and a frame, paintings of saints decorated with polychrome on the sides, wooden benches for the faithful i

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