The past meets the future

Regional Museum Manor and Oborski Park in Mielec

The museum building is located on the banks of the Wisłoka river in the western part of Mielec. It is surrounded by a park, which is currently being revitalized with new plantings. The Oborski Manor has an interesting two-body structure, consisting of an old, ground-floor house from the early 19th century and a newer front structure completed in 1905. A distinctive feature of this newer part is the entrance embedded in a two-story square tower with a balcony shading the main door. The building fits into the concept of an urban villa in a garden, popular at that time. The museum showcases Mielec's history from prehistoric times, through paintings and portraits of local artists, to a reconstruction of the typical bourgeois house interior from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Entrance to the museum

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