Orthodox Church next to the municipal cemetery in Wilkowyja in Rzeszów, the model of which was the cathedral church in Gorlice

Orthodox Church of the Transfer of Relics of St. Nicholas from Myra to Bari in Rzeszów

Next to the municipal cemetery in Wilkowyja, Rzeszów, a small orthodox church was built between 2010-2013, on the site of a temple opened in 2007. The cathedral church in Gorlice served as a model. The building is single-domed, built on the plan of an equilateral cross. It has a tall drum under the main onion-shaped dome. Inside there is an iconostasis and numerous polychromes covering most of the wall and ceiling surfaces. The temple does not have a bell tower.

The church tower is in the shape of a drum, covered with an onion-shaped dome

Budynek jest jednokopułowy, postawiony na planie krzyża równoramiennego. Posiada wysoki bęben pod główną cebulastą kopułą.

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