The Podkarpackie open-air museums of folk culture

Open-air Museum in Kolbuszowa

This is the most famous of the Podkarpackie open-air museums of folk culture. It was established in 1959 in Brzezówka to protect the remnants of the Lasowiak and Rzeszowiak cultures. The current exhibition has been operating since 1978. The oldest buildings in the museum are the late Baroque wooden manor from Brzeziny from 1735 and a wooden granary from the same place from 1784. Additionally, there are: chapels, mills, windmills, a church, a Jewish tavern, a forge, a pottery workshop, a wooden school, a ranger's lodge, a fire station, and numerous farms representing various types: Józefiński, Puszczański, Okólny and their buildings. As part of the heritage preservation, festivals, exhibitions, and workshops are organised, such as household tasks, handicrafts, or reenactments of customs and rituals.

Ethnographic Park, Museum of Folk Culture

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