Face of the Troll in a nature reserve

Herby Nature Preserve

The reserve, located in the vicinity of Strzyżów, covers 145 ha of valuable landscape inanimate nature and Carpathian beech-hornbeam forest. The Wisłok gorge with an escarpment revealing details of the geological structure of the region and the relief is under protection. There are solitary rock formations of the Przeklęty Klif (Cursed Cliff) and the Twarz Trolla (Troll's Face), which are the outcrops of shale rock. In addition, numerous species of mountain plants, including those listed as endangered, have found refuge there. The reserve is part of the Czarnorzecko-Strzyżowski Landscape Park.

A gravel road between the forest turning right
A road in the forest covered with leaves with a visible red sign among the trees

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