Palace with rich interiors and a wild english park

Dzieduszycki Museum in Zarzecze, a branch of the Museum in Jarosław Kamienica Orsettich

The museum in Zarzecze is located in a beautiful palace built in the early 19th century in the neoclassical style. A characteristic element of the building's structure is the rotunda at the end of the wing with a Doric style colonnade. The Dzieduszycki family is a well-known noble family related to other families. Preserved and restored interiors dazzle with neoclassical shine. Furniture and other elements of equipment, many of them intricately decorated, as well as polished floors can almost intimidate with discreet wealth and class. It is worth paying attention to the stucco on the walls and decorative polychromies. Besides the palace and interiors, it is also worth walking through the park, which is an integral part of the palace complex – it is a park in the English style, where plants live according to their own rules and are rarely subjected to the blade of palace gardeners' shears.

Gazebo next to the museum

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