A Baroque building from the mid-17th century

Dominican Monastery in Borek Stary

At first glance, the monastic complex in Borek Stary tells even amateur architecture enthusiasts that they are dealing with Baroque in its finest form. The stout structure of the eastward-oriented church with its solid front flanked by two low towers, with rich stucco work on the facade and a classic three-aisled construction with side aisles reaching half the height of the main nave, dates back to the mid-17th century. The opulent interior is also a product of the ideas and creativity of this period. The main altar boasts a rare orange-gold colour palette. It is four-tiered, with an intricately decorated tabernacle, a central panel with a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, several statues, and countless wooden ornaments covered in gold. The side altars also impress with their adornments, especially the spiral columns. The surrounding area includes the Baroque residential building of the monastery, rosary paths, and the grotto of the Virgin Mary.

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