The impressive sanctuary of Our Lady of Głogów Małopolski

Church of the Holy Trinity in Głogów Małopolski

The temple was built in 1881 and consecrated in 1905. It towers over the northern part of the town square, with its neo-Gothic form and two tall towers surrounding the main entrance. It is the seat of the miracle-working image of Our Lady of Głogów. The interior is spacious, with a three-nave; with the main nave separated from the side aisles by arcades. In the presbytery, there is an altar in Baroque style, made of black wood with gilding, and the two side altars correspond in style. There are a few 20th-century polychromes on the walls and vaulting of a figural and ornamental nature.

The center of the city market - in the middle a brick church with a cream façade with two tall towers topped with dark domes, around other utility buildings

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