Tuscan Baroque style monastery

Capuchins Friars Minor Monastery in Stalowa Wola-Rozwadów

The construction of the church and the adjoining monastery lasted only two years, from 1752 to 1754, funded by Prince Jerzy Lubomirski. Due to plans to hand over the place to the Capuchin fathers, the whole was given the Tuscan Baroque style, characteristic of this congregation. Tuscan Baroque is distinguished from the entire Baroque style by a reduction of stucco and other decorations, preferring the austerity of form. The facade of the church, spanning three storeys, is plain, devoid of typical decorations and additions, also the interior essentially has only cornicing and a few frescoes. The wooden, Baroque altar is simple and modest, without gold plating, with a central field and an image of Christ at the top. The pulpit with a cross held by a hand carved in wood is also noteworthy, a characteristic feature of Capuchin churches. The austere style of the interior can be compared to the simplicity of Protestant congregations, which distanced themselves from the riches of the Catholic Church.

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