The Karpiński Gallery within the Former Courthouse Walls

Alfons Karpiński Painting Gallery in Stalowa Wola-Rozwadów

Alfons Karpiński, a painter of the Young Poland movement originating from Rozwadów, has been commemorated with a gallery of his paintings, located in the historic building of the former courthouse. The neoclassical building erected during the Austrian partition has been converted into exhibition rooms, the main ones being the gallery room and the artistic workshop. Many sketches and works of varied themes are displayed, ranging from portraits of women to landscapes of war cemeteries. The museum is interactive, allowing the visitor to immerse themselves in the painter's world and his works. The facility hosts the "Karpiński" School of Painting and Drawing and the Children's Education Centre, which organize workshops and other educational activities, primarily for the youngest.

Painting Gallery view from the street

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