Plant remains from millions of years ago

The Museum of Fossil Trees in Siedliska Tomaszowskie

Testimony to the prehistory of the Lubelskie region is the relatively numerous fossils found here. In Siedliska, they are collected in a speci`ic type; fossils of trees from the Tertiary period, which means growing about 15 million years ago. Small and large specimens, up to 500 kg in weight, are on display. In the fossils, the structure of the wood is visible, and preserved thanks to `linting, a process of preserving the shape of the plant by changing the chemical composition of its tissue to inorganic. In addition, the museum also houses hunting memorabilia and trophies, as well as old household and farm equipment.

Beige museum building with a red roof visible from behind a wooden house
A beige museum building with a red roof surrounded by information boards in front

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