A sad testimony to the brutal occupation

Ruins of the Uniate tserkva in Huta Różaniecka

The ruins of the tserkva stand opposite the parish church, partly hidden in a clump of tall bushes. It was built as a masonry temple between 1825 and 1836. A bipartite structure is visible, with a nave and a narrower chancel. The structure was burnt down, together with the wooden bell tower, on 26th June 1943, during the pacification of the village by the Germans. Surrounding the church is a cemetery with preserved sandstone gravestone crosses in the characteristic Brusno style. After the war, as a result of the banning of the Greek Catholic denomination, no reconstruction was undertaken.

A white, brick ruin of an Orthodox church with visible stone crosses around it on the green grass
Entrance to the ruins of the church without a roof and a door

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