Tserkva in a new role as a centre of local culture

Narol - Tserkva in Narol district - Krupiec

The new brick tserkva, built at the turn of the 20th century, replaced a two-hundred-year-old wooden building. It was based on traditional Byzantine architectural patterns; tripartite, oriented to the east, based on a cruciform plan, with an expressive dome on a large drum. Attention is drawn to the simple portico with a balcony and recesses for figures, and the decorative facets at the edge of the roof. The interior, ruined by decades of use as a warehouse, was conserved in the early 21st century, preparing the site for use as a Concert and Exhibition Centre. Remnants of 20th-century polychromy are visible on the walls and vaults.

The white interior of the church with the iconostasis at the top and colorful paintings standing on the ground
An old, stone cross against a brick, slightly damaged church in the background

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