View of Sanok from Soviet bunkers

Molotov Line bunkers on the plateau - panoramic view

Looking at the eastern bank of the San, with its hills and forests, gives you a sense of certainty that it is a great place to defend in the event of a conflict. On the other side, there is a perfect view of the river and the city, making it easier to fire attackers. This was also the assumption of the Soviets, who built several resistance points there, blending in with the terrain. The Sanok-Olchowce section consists of a dozen or so posts on the hillside, divided into sections A and B. Most are open to the public. The town of Sanok can be seen from these positions in the river valley, almost picturesquely scattered among the hills. It is especially beautiful in the spring mornings when it gradually emerges from the fog.

A fragment of a destroyed concrete bunker integrated into a rock in the forest
A fragment of a concrete, destroyed bunker in the forest with protruding iron reinforcements

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