Votive offerings for the revelation

A shrine on the water in Siedliska

A chapel was erected on the spot where, according to legend, a frightened shepherd struck the Virgin Mary who appeared to him with a whip, as an act of contrition. However, the original 18th-century building was demolished and a new one was built in the 1920s. It protects the double-sided icon, considered miraculous, and the votive offerings made to her in gratitude. It is a simple square building with a hipped roof and a turret, standing over the water. The oldest furnishings, a candlestick and a cross, date from the Baroque period. The statue of the Madonna, located on the water, is a contemporary foundation.

A wooden entrance to the forest made of tree trunks with a visible information board in the background
A wooden shrine on the water in the forest, to which a well-trodden path leads

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