A neoclassical palace renovated by the University of Rzeszów

Załuski Palace in Iwonicz

The structure was erected in the 1880s on the site of a previously existing palace complex. The Neoclassical manner of the palace is striking. It is symmetrical in shape, with a portico shaded by a balcony, above which a pediment looms displaying the Junosza and Strzemię coats of arms in a cartouche. On the wings, noticeable protrusions on the first floor come with domed helmets. Rich exterior wall decorations, especially on the front, feature rustication, ornate window stucco, and cornices. Damages from World War II and subsequent decades of degradation by a school, state-owned farm, and agricultural progress centre have been repaired, restoring the palace to its splendid condition. Currently, it belongs to the University of Rzeszów, serving as the International Environmental Education Centre.

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