Ruins with the spirit of the Kasia dwarf

The ruins of the 16th-century Kamieniec Castle in Odrzykoń

The first defensive establishment on the hill near the village of Kamieniec was built around 1348 and was extended in the following centuries. The present ruins are the remains of the form the castle took in the 16th century, during the last Renaissance modernisation. The structure consists of an older upper castle and a younger lower part. The best preserved is the eastern part, where a small museum is located. The history of the castle includes battles against the Rakoczy's invasion in 1657, the Swedish Deluge, and the defence of the Bar Confederation; and around the ruins, there were also clashes during World War I. An apparition of the dwarf Kasia is said to appear at the castle at sunset.

View of the castle ruins on a wooded hill against the blue sky

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