The most famous Iron Age settlement

The Karpacka Troja (Carpathian Troy) Archaeological open-air museum in Trzcinica

Of the many recognised Iron Age fortified settlements scattered around Poland and the Podkarpacie region itself, Karpacka Troja is undoubtedly the most well-known. For 4,000 years, peoples of various cultures, including the Mierzanovic and Anatolian-Balkan cultures, settled on the small flat hill. Due to the presence of remnants of the Ottoman culture, whose centre was on the Aegean Sea and traded with the oldest Hellenic cultures, the fortified settlement at Trzcinica was named Troy. The remains of the fortifications, still visible today, are still impressive - the earthen ramparts alone reach a height of 10 metres!

Entrance to a wooden castle with a fence made of wood piles against the background of autumn trees

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