An oasis of peace and history near the Museum

Palace Park in Dukla

The park setting by the palace in Dukla, currently the seat of the local museum, combines three ponds and a vast stand of trees. Its composition is based on patterns from magnate residences built in the mid-18th century – It is enclosed by a stone wall, and the main feature, three ponds, stretches out from it along the Jasiołka river. Each subsequent pond narrows, creating an elongated triangle when viewed from above. Between the ponds, embankments with culverts were constructed, over which bridges were erected. Tree-lined paths surround the ponds. In recent years, the park underwent renovation works which required new plantings and the removal of neglected, dangerous trees. The condition of the ponds and their shores was also improved. In the bushes along the riverbank, one can find the ruins of a brewery and distillery.

A fallen tree in the park

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