Little Kraków

Market square in Krosno

The main square and the surrounding buildings have formed the centre of Krosno for many centuries and are its recognisable landmark. The square itself is 115 x 72 m, which in the past served as a market and today is a representative place. The frontage contains 30 townhouses, including the Town Hall building, recognisable by the clock in the frontage. Some of the townhouses have arcades, which makes them similar to the Renaissance townhouses of Zamość, although Krosno is usually compared to Krakow and referred to as Little Krakow. The oldest buildings in the market square are the alderman's house from the 15th century and the house at number Rynek 27, built in the 16th century.

Market square with a view of a large white tenement house, urban buildings and a well standing by an autumn tree

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