Winter adventure in the Bukowskie Foothills

KiczeraSki Winter Sports Centre in Puławy

The Bukowskie Foothills are an attractive terrain for skiing enthusiasts, hence there are numerous ski resorts. KiczeraSki is one of the larger and more popular winter sports centres. It is located on the slope of Kiczera, a hill 640 m above sea level in Puławy Górne. Skiing enthusiasts have access to three lifts - a chairlift, a plate lift and a ski tow, with lengths of 900, 420 and 120 m respectively. The maximum elevation difference is 170 m on the longest lift. Additionally, the centre offers 7 km of cross-country skiing and ski touring trails, with Okrąglak - a comfortable building placed on the top of the hill - serving as their hub.

Ski slope with ski lift
The building seen from below

Other attractions in the area