Seaside Climate in Southern Poland

Brine Graduation Towers in Iwonicz-Zdrój

Iwonicz-Zdrój is the most renowned spa town in the Podkarpackie region. The therapeutic water sources there serve not only for drinking or bathing but also for creating a healing atmosphere. The devices supporting this process are the graduation towers. Four wooden structures with a length of 8 m, height of 4 m, and width of 1 m are filled with willow blackthorn, which helps to disperse water, scattering chlorides, sodium, and iodides in the air, which support the treatment and recovery of the immune system of the upper respiratory tract and the regeneration of the entire body. The climate around them resembles that of the seaside and has similar properties. The complex of towers is located near the fountain in the Spa Park.

The interior of the graduation tower is made of wood, filled with willow sloe

Tężnie wypełnione są tarniną wierzbową, która pomaga rozpylać wodę

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