Sanctuary of Our Lady of Łopienka

Tserkva of St. Paraskevia

Łopienka is an old village, founded back in the 16th century, displaced and destroyed after World War II, sharing the fate of many similar villages in the area. It is an interesting place due to its links with the oil industry from the 19th century, as well as a beautiful small tserkva built in 1757. The sanctuary is a brick building, oriented towards the east. The interior - with only one painting, a copy of the icon of Our Lady of Łopienka, and a statue of Christ of the Bieszczady - impresses with its austerity and encourages reflection. It is worth mentioning that the original icon is today in Polańczyk. Next to the church, there is also a small burial chapel, a wooden bell tower, a cemetery and an old linden tree with a hollow in the shape of the image of the Virgin Mary with the Child.

Entrance to the church with a wooden facade next to the old wooden belfry
A white church building by a dirt road and an old house with a wooden roof

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