Rebuilt monument - Tserkva in Komańcza

The Orthodox tserkov of Protection of Our Lady in Komańcza

The original building was erected in the early years of the 19th century on the site of a previous church that had burnt down. It had features typical of Greek Catholic church architecture - a gabled roof, cupolas and an iconostasis from around 1835. As a result of the outlawing of the denomination in 1961, it was used by Orthodox believers in later years. In 2006, the church burned down, but by 2010 it had been rebuilt, along with most of its furnishings, including the iconostasis. The church has a timber-framed structure, a spacious nave and the women's gallery, octahedral domes and a gate bell tower that survived the fire.

A wooden Orthodox church with soaring turrets on the roof and a wooden belfry building on the right
The altar of a wooden church with an iconostasis, a hanging crystal chandelier and wooden benches on the sides

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