An oasis of mountain nature in the Lutowiska commune

The Stefan Myczkowski Hulskie Nature Reserve

The reserve protects nearly 200 ha of mountain and foothill forests on the slopes of the Otryt, one of the ranges forming the Bieszczady Mountains. The name was taken from the peak of Hulskie (846 m). It is a real wildlife sanctuary of the low mountains, where beech and fir forests are a habitat not only of vipers, lynxes and wildcats but also wolves and brown bears. Among the birds there are eagles and lesser spotted eagles are present here. These animals generally stay away from humans, but can sometimes be spotted in the distance. The inquisitive will also notice layers of Carpathian flysch, of which the Otryt massif is built.

Wooden educational and information boards and a memorial stone against the background of trees
View of the educational and information boards from behind the wooden fence

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