The rocky slopes of the Gołoborze

The Gołoborze Nature Reserve in Huczwice

Gołoborze (Stone Run) is a term for slopes that are not covered with forest but are covered with stones. Such a natural formation is protected by the reserve in Huczwice. It covers 12 hectares of the slope of a small hill, covered with rocks and slowly overgrown with vegetation. The stones, sometimes in the form of large blocks, which fill the slope, are sandstones characteristic of the Bieszczady Mountains. Apart from the Gołoborze, there are also mineral springs here. In addition, you can admire the rich flora of a fir and spruce forest.

A wooden educational and information board with a roof against the background of the forest
A steep wooden staircase with a balustrade of beams on the right, leading up a snowy slope among coniferous trees

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