A memento of the battles of World War II

T-34 tank in Baligród

World War II affected the Bieszczady Mountains with all its brutality, but the first post-war years were not easy either, as battles were fought with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and Operation “Vistula” was carried out. The monument to these struggles was initially a T-70 light tank, which took part in the battles with the partisans and was damaged at the time. When it was moved to the Armored Weaponry Museum in Poznań, a T-34-85 tank, a vehicle well known to military enthusiasts, stood in its place. As a memorial, it refers to the liberation of the village by Soviet troops on 24 September 1944; however, it is not as closely associated with the region as the previous vehicle.

A tank standing on a stone platform
A tank standing on a stone platform surrounded by a black metal chain

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