Aesculapian snake kingdom

Krywe Nature Reserve

Krywe is the largest nature reserve on the San River, protecting over 500 ha of land lying on both banks of the river. It is located in the territory of two communes: Lutowiska and Czarna. Although it is possible to admire it only from afar because it is a strictly protected reserve. The landscapes make up for this inconvenience - the valley of the San, the hills of the Otryt range and the broad Połoniny are extremely picturesque. With a bit of luck, you can spot wild animals, including bears and bison. Snakes and lizards are abundant here, mainly due to the excellent exposure of the slopes. Among others, a rare species of Aesculapian tree snake lives here.  

An educational and information board with a wooden roof standing on a lightly snow-covered ground
A road leading along the slopes with a large autumn deciduous tree on the left

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