Podkarpackie's best cheese makers

Czar PGR-u in Wańkowa

This is an interesting place for several reasons. Firstly, it is run by a Greek born in Poland, a descendant of political emigrants from the 1950s, Nikos Molonopulos. Secondly, it is the best-known cheese production plant in the region. Thirdly, the convention of the place is reminiscent of the numerous state farms during the communist period, as the company uses the former PGR (State Agricultural Farm) buildings. The place is famous for its production of excellent cheeses of various varieties, including cow's, goat's and sheep's milk, which have numerous and loyal fans.

Wooden sign directing to the facility next to the asphalt road
A low building with a gray roof with a wooden triangular entrance and a sign with the name of the facility

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