Unforgettable flavours nad pancakes "Gigant" in Chata Wędrowca

Chata Wędrowca

In Wetlin, a place in the Bieszczady Mountains, there is a spot full of love for mountains and good cuisine - "Chata Wędrowca." This place is only open for six months a year, so it is even more worthwhile to visit and be among the lucky ones who will taste the real home atmosphere and dishes prepared with passion by the chef. The restaurant's menu is diverse, and you can check it daily on-site, but one thing remains constant - pancakes, specifically the "Gigant" pancake, whose recipe, name, and appearance have been registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. It must be admitted that it is quite a large pancake, as the largest has a diameter of 28 cm, and in a smaller version - 20 cm. You can try it in various flavor versions, and it is definitely worth it in each of them.

The Wanderer's Cottage

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